A Unique Solution for Renewing Contact when People Call a Number and It Is No Longer Available


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- No one stays in the same place much anymore. We move towns, states, countries and we tend to lose contact along the way with people we meet. Addresses change, work changes and then to top it all off we lose our mobile, or we exchange it or worse still, it gets stolen! Often times our mobiles are the only static link to our friends, family and contacts as we move through life and without them, many a friendship is lost.

The people behind 'Renew Contact' have come up with a unique and efficient solution as insurance to protect your contact lists. The service can help you and your contacts to get back in touch. It doesn’t matter whether your phone has been damaged, lost or stolen, this service will work for you.

The service is simple, just go to 'Renew Contact' You then register a phone number along with your email address and country the phone number originated from.

Its that simple! Lost contacts then search the database searching for your old number. If the number is registered, then the contact is able to email you a short note explaining who they are and allowing you the choice of whether you allow them to have your new contact number. This ensures security for people, after all, some contacts are better forgotten! If you do not want to reconnect with someone, you simply don’t reply. The service will not send your new contact details to anyone without your permission.

It’s very easy to register and as thousands add their numbers everyday, the chances of reconnecting with the people you have lost increases substantially.

No signing up is required as this service is totally FREE. So if you no longer have access to an old number and need to recover your contacts or if you have a phone number of someone which no longer works and you need to reconnect, 'Renew Contact' is the place to go. This really is a great service and provides a safety net for our high tech lives which most of us would struggle to survive without!

The website was started by Roy Cooper from London in the UK after his phone was stolen and he lost 5 years of contacts. He couldn't get his contacts back, but wanted to create a website where others who knew his old number could go and make contact with him.

Media contact:
Roy Cooper
London UK