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For 12 years now, Compila Ltd has been a trusted partner of numerous businesses who are in need of web hosting and support.


Kent, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- For 12 years now, Compila Ltd has been a trusted partner of numerous businesses who are in need of web hosting and support. Since then until now, the firm has been a leading provider of VPS hosting for firms of different sorts.

Known as a virtual private server, VPS is offered using internet hosting service, and it is done to segregate variety of servers into different computer-generated machines. Through this, care and protection of the website is now made easier.

VPS hosting is better than having a dedicated server because it costs less. Because there are more things that need to be funded, an affordable VPS hosting must be acquired. Compila promises quality service for business of any size.

For the record, the company offers different services to its customers. One of which is Cloud Backup. This is quite vital for any company, and as for Compila, they can replicate your date for up to four times. The team is composed of experienced employees hence the assurance of quality service. Moreover, they are giving free trial of this in order to show the clients that it actually works. For those who are interested, you can call 0843 506 5000.

Compila will also have your virtual server backup needs covered. This can be done without the need to mount the agent in individual VMs. As of now, they give Hyper-V VMs and Vmware Later on, they will also back up Xen, Virtuozzo Containers, and KVM.

For the its long-time customers, the company has this Loyalty System wherein beneficiaries will recieve discounted costs every year. In line with this, web hosting customers will have great savings without doing anything except being a loyal client of Compila.

It doesn’t end from there because the company also gives Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on its reseller, windows, and web hosting service. They are proud to say that they are the lone company in UK to offer such kind of pledge. Apart from this, Compila gives transparency in their costing, meaning there are no hidden charges and all the costs are displayed in their site.

With these features of Compila, customers will be able to control their expenses, but at the same time, they will get all the service and benefits they need. If you are interested or if you have inquiries, just call them at 0871 226 1144 or email them at

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