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A Warning for the Dental Industry: Four out of Five People Resist Dentist Consultation

Why do a lot of people cringe at the sound of a dentist’s drill and are scared with the sight of a needle? The truth that more than half of all the people in the United States are not seeking a dentist’s regular care actually creates major dental problem for these people in the future.


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- According to the British Dental Health Foundation reports, in every five people with teeth problems, only four of them seek dental treatment. The dental industry must be alarmed with this statistics.

The British Dental Health Foundation reveals that in every five people, four admitted that going to the dentist has spiraling costs of treatment and instead, they just pull out their teeth on their own way, risking eventually the dental industry.

In a survey of more than 2, 000 people conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation, 17% of the respondents remove their teeth by themselves and 4% usually opt to ask a friend to do the extraction. Thus concludes the 4:5 ratio. In 2012, 56% of the population avoided the trips to the dentist because they are worried about the price of treatment.

Dr. Nigel Carter, British Dental Health Foundation Chief Executive said that it is easy to make the tooth problem even worse, which could last in more invasive and costly treatment so he urged those considering self-treatment to reconsider it. In that sense, he added that the profession of dentistry is both unnecessary and dangerous.

For instance, the Xpress Dental Difference in McAllen, Texas could possibly be not as much visited as it is now. This dental clinic is known for their strong dedication to customer service, which includes time and compassion. However, this dedication would not be practiced widely if only few will consult them. Also, in the same town of McAllen, great dental clinics could decrease in number in the near future, getting rid of dentistry profession. In fact, the British Dental Health Foundation estimated that the dental industry lost more than £36 million to people taking time off work because of problems with their teeth in 2013.

Meanwhile, the British Dental Health issued a response to the findings of the survey, warning about the examples of people pulling out the wrong tooth and ending up with infections as they resort to using doorknobs and string to yank out aching and infected teeth.

Good dental health is the responsibility of individuals, communities and other private clinics. The dentistry profession keeps on paving its way towards upward movement. After all, the act of consultation is expected to be asserted with the initiative of individuals to make a trip to the dentist and undergo dental treatments.

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