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A Way in and a Way Out: Kendal Gallimore's New Novel Questions What It Truly Means to Be Human.

Fusing romance, fantasy and action into a compelling new fantasy novel, ‘A Way in and A Way Out’ questions if humans are really as different as they think they are. If so, why?


Mesquite, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- The fantasy novel has grown to become a much-loved staple of the literary landscape. However, wanting to go beyond the typical tales of magic and spells, Texan Kendal Gallimore’s latest novel digs deep to find out what it really means to be human.

Boasting a powerful narrative, ‘A Way in and A Way Out’ will leave readers questioning their own existence.


Lauren Smith believed she was an ordinary girl from New York City, but that all changes when her father meets her in the principal's office one day and opens her eyes up to a world she didn't know existed, a world that exists directly below her feet.

Throughout the course of the novel Lauren Smith embarks on an epic journey to discover the truth about herself and her family, and along the way becomes mixed up in the intrigue, conspiracies, and problems of the underground world. Eventually Lauren Smith finds herself mixed up in a plot that could affect not only the livelihood of the underground world but also humanity. It becomes a race against the clock for Lauren to be able to preserve and ensure the continuity of not only humanity but also the underground world she has grown to not only care about but love.

With non-stop action, and plenty of twists and turns, A Way in and A Way Out is a novel that will keep its readers on their toes from start to finish.

As the author explains, his book takes the traditional fantasy novel to a thought-provoking new level.

“A Way in and A Way Out is not just a simple fantasy novel with magic and spells. It is a novel that digs deep into the very essence of what it means to be human through the eyes of others. It is a novel that questions the circular and repeated nature of thought, actions, and sin in the world. It is a novel that asks the question of "are we really all that different, and if so, why are we different"?” says Gallimore.

He continues, “With a mix of romance, fantasy and action, it is a novel that is sure to raise questions about the basic perception of what we humans view defines us as human.”

Gallimore’s intricate plot examines these questions and allows readers to adapt the concept to their own lives and experiences.

“One of the main questions we as humans wonder is what is it that makes us human? What is it that can lead a teacher to possess the innate, beautiful compassion to care for another child as if they were his or her own, but can lead another person of the same being to shoot and kill the aforementioned teacher and all of her innocent students?” he adds.

With such a unique addition to the Fantasy genre, critics expect the book to be in high demand. Therefore, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘A Way in and A Way Out’, published by CreateSpace, is available now.

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About Kendal Gallimore, in his own words
A Way in and A Way Out is my first novel in a planned series. I have been writing since I was in the third grade. I have always found writing to come naturally, and something that I am naturally good at. I currently reside in Mesquite, Texas with my sister and mother and father. I am a senior in high school and plan to attend Texas A&M University in the fall of 2013 to study Finance.