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Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- The number of women entrepreneurs is on a constant rise and a common platform for all such women could be great. is a website started by Daran Grimm and Novalena Betancourt to provide an opportunity by connecting with like-minded people and creating a profitable business relationship.

There are different ways in which women can connect with their partner members and showcase their products or share their thoughts or passion for business. Expo is one such way that assists women entrepreneurs find audience for their business and to monetize on their core passion. This not only helps in business expansion and but they are also featured on the website for no cost, which is possible by just signing up for their most elite membership program called Senior Partner.

bYouxd is called a movement by the founders and they offer products in different categories such as anti-aging, weight loss, whole food nutrition essentials, beauty essentials and energy drinks. They also plan to bring a recovery product in the after-hours category. They help women earn substantial incomes through monetizing their products in the above mentioned category. All these industries are expected to grow exponentially in future and thus women can earn high incomes through them.

About is a website started by women for women. All women entrepreneurs can connect themselves to this site which is called a movement by the founders Daran Grimm and Novalena Betancourt to find audience for their business or showcase and expand their business. It provides a platform for women to connect with like-minded people and share their thoughts and monetize their core passion or business. They also offer an opportunity to earn good income through their products that are a part of several billion dollar industries.

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