A Website Provides Reviews and Comparison of 8 Passenger SUVs

There are many types, models, and brands of 8 passenger SUVs on the market today. To help people buy the right one, a website provides reviews and comparison of these SUVs.


Bandung, West Java -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Since 1990's, SUV (Sport-Utility Vehicle) has been a popular car type with good selling records in almost all countries in the world. It is increasingly famous until now and the market offers many different types of SUVs manufactured by most major automobile companies.

SUV is basically divided into some categories based on the size or capacity. 8 passenger SUV model is one of the most popular; it is a fairly big vehicle, so the car should be large enough to bring the entire members of the family on a trip.

Alex H. Fermuson, the founder of, encourages people to consider some important things when purchasing an 8 passenger SUV type.

First of all, he suggests that you think about price. “A full-size SUV is logically more expensive than most compact and mid-size types. The price can reach up to more than $100,000 dollars for luxury models. Non-luxury models can be much less expensive; there is even a full-size SUV that is priced under $30,000, but as a basic transportation vehicle, such a low-priced SUV will do quite well,” he elaborated.

Next, you should look into luxury features. Commonly, luxury models are equipped with some excellent additional features, for example entertainment interfaces, built-in navigation system, Bluetooth, and more.

Fermuson also encourages you have to look at fuel consumption. With bigger capacity, full-size SUV accordingly needs a larger engine; consequently, it consumes more fuel. “Full-size SUVs are generally rated at 12 to 20 mpg (miles per gallon). Some manufacturers also make available hybrid models, which are more fuel-efficient,” he said. He continued talking about the cargo capacity, safety aspects, and driving Style (2WD/4WD/AWD).

There are many types, models, and brands of 8 passenger SUVs; they come with the different prices as well. It actually depends on individuals' preferences, but the mentioned considerations can always be used as a nice buying guide.

The is a website that provides all the information you need to know about 8 passenger SUVs. The site features and compares certain options from 8 passenger crossovers, 8 passenger minivans, affordable 8 passenger vehicles and even 9 passenger SUVs. Of course, it provides advantages and disadvantages of those SUVs to help people choose the right SUV.

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