A1Nursing.com Offers a True Description on Registered Nurse Salary

The website serves as a vital source for up to date information about different trends in the nursing industry.


Burbank, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Nursing as a career line has immense scope. Individuals who are interested in taking up nursing as a full time profession will be keen to know about the job potential of this career along with pay –out figures. A1Nursing.com is a popular website which has recently launched a new information portal focusing mainly on the nursing industry as such. The website publishes information related to the changing salary patterns of nurses on the global level.

The website officials says, “A1Nursing.com brings out a complete insight into changing trends in nursing industry with clear focus on registered nurse salary at different levels”. The website publishes information related to the salary differences between registered nurses having similar education and skill levels. It is a known fact that registered nurses working in metropolitan areas or in specialized industries within the nursing profession will potentially come under the higher salary earning group. The website publishes salary statistics for registered nurses with higher end salary, and comes to around $95,000 per year and the lower end salary levels around $44,000 annually.

The website emphasizes that the nursing profession is the most valued and respected medical profession. “The average annual salary for registered nurses reflects with the specific value perception for this job”, says the website official. The information portal also brings out a list about the top 5 cities wherein the maximum number of registered nurses work. The top five cities where in registered nurses can earn more than national average salary are San Jose, San Francisco, California, Oakland, Salinas and Napa. As per the information given in the site, the number of aging population is quite large in California which results in high demand for registered nursing professionals in California.

The website signifies that the level of nursing education pursued by individuals will certainly impact the salary pattern along with the medical institution wherein one obtains the qualification. The specific facts and statistics listed in a1nursing.com information portal will helps individuals to analyze the career growth possibilities and salary structure in the nursing industry. This in turn will help them take a final decision about their career line on that basis.

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A1nursing.com is a great resource which gives actual facts and information on the nursing career along with salary pay outs for registered nurses in the US. The information published in the website helps individuals who are planning to begin a nursing career obtain all updated information about the different trends in this industry.

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