A1nursing.com Offers Insight Into Nurse Salary

The site offers insight into the pay of nurses employed at different levels of the job


Burbank, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- The site a1nursing.com offers insight into the salary package offered to nursing jobs at various levels. The site helps people interested in a nursing career to get an idea regarding the pay scale and other factors of the job. The details in the site are provided based on the studies conducted in countries like USA. The site mainly emphasizes on the salaries of registered nurses and nurse practitioners. It draws out the differences in nurse salary of the two main career levels in nursing.

A1nursing.com analyses the demand and scope of the nursing career in the global arena. It has described the profession to be one of the fastest growing ones that has remained stable throughout its growth. The nursing sector can offer higher opportunities and starting salaries to nurses especially registered nurses. According to the site, registered nurse salary is set to soar high as the demand for them is set to increase by about 26% by the 2020s. “If you are unsure about which career path you want to pursue, or if you are strongly considering a career change, becoming a registered nurse is one option to consider” beckons the site. The site reiterates that registered nurses will enjoy job security and increased salary in the coming years.

The site has done studies regarding the scope of nurse practitioners too. They are at an advanced level compared to the registered nurse and would need an additional experience of 2 years to pursue a career in it. The site mentions the variations in the nurses pay on the basis of experience, location and certification. Their report is supported with research studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The site recommends a career as a nurse practitioner for those keen on receiving steady salary increments. “Nurses are in high demand right now, for positions such as Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Vocational Nurses”, assures the owner of the site.

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About a1nursing.com
A1nursing.com is a site that offers insight into the various factors involved in the nursing career. The site offers the details regarding nurse salary and the scope of their job. The site concentrates on the main two careers at the nursing level. The two careers specified are registered nurse and nurse practitioner. The site lays out the pay differences between the two. It also mentions the various factors that determine the pay of nurses such as experience, location and certificate requirements.

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