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A2B Storage Opens Self Storage Facility to Public

Australians' expanding storage needs prompts company to expand, reports A2B Storage


Perth, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Thanks to increasing demand, A2B Storage (http://www.a2bstorageperth.com.au), an established supplier of storage space for removals clients, has announced the opening of its facility to the general public. This will allow people to have access to self-storage units even if they are not working with a removalist.

"The improving economy has many upsides, but there is also one aspect that some people think of as a hidden downside," explained Lynn McDonnall of A2B Storage. "That downside is the accumulation of so many items that they won't all fit into the house. The old solution, throwing the extra items away, doesn't work anymore because many of the things are still too good to just be sent to the trash. This causes people to look for other places to put their extra things."

Renting storage units for this purpose has long been a solution in the United States, but in Australia, the self storage business is just beginning to boom. Australians are realizing that renting these units gives them the perfect place to put things that are too good to dispose of, but aren't being used often enough to keep in their houses.

"People used to be afraid that using self storage would allow their items to be stolen or expose them to bad climate conditions, but modern facilities have eliminated both of these problems. Our units, for example, are locked and watched by CCTV cameras. Our facility also has climate control, dust protection, and other safeguards. $10,000 AUD of insurance per unit provides another layer of protection for clients." McDonnall said.

Sometimes, the barrier to using a self storage unit has nothing to do with concerns about whether items will remain safe and in good condition. Instead, the basic problem of getting everything to the unit stands in the way of making use of this solution. For this reason, many Australian self storage companies work with removalists to handle the packing, trucking, or both of these jobs. Once everything is moved, customers can come to the self storage facility to add or remove items on an as-needed basis. By taking care of the biggest part of the job, companies like A2B storage remove one of the biggest barriers to storing large, heavy, or numerous items.

The unit sizes available from self storage companies vary widely, and most firms offer a selection meant to take care of most people's needs. Standard sizes, like 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m, are common. More unique sizes are also available so that everyone's requirements can be met.

About A2B Storage
A2B Storage has been in business for 50 years. It started out offering storage service for removals customers, but has recently expanded to offer self storage directly to individuals. Along with storage units, the company also offers plenty of support services like packing and trucking. This makes it easy to have anything moved to storage regardless of its size or weight. To learn more about A2B's self storage solutions, visit http://www.a2bstorageperth.com.au/services/self-storage.html.