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AAA Distributors Inc. Announces Special Sale on Commercial Hand Dryers


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- AAA Distributors Inc., a leading provider of commercial and residential kitchen and bathroom supplies, announces a special online sale on commercial hand dryers. The Kitchen Cabinet Company will be offering a full line of electric high-speed hand dryers at a discount price of $349.00. This discounted item is a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen area, not just for commercial properties, but residential homes as well. The model is available in white and silver. On the company website, customers can find special deals on all Kitchen, Bathroom and Flooring products on a daily basis.

Most electric dryers can take up to thirty seconds or more to completely dry a person’s hand. Half of the time, people get tired of waiting and half way through the process, they leave to find something to wipe their hands on. The E-901 model electric hand dryer is more effective than older style hand dryers, completely drying a person’s hand in less than fifteen seconds. The E-901 electric hand dryer is so effective because of the powerful discharge on either side of the hand.

The high-speed E-901 hand dryer is not only one of the most efficient models on the market, but is also one of the most hygienic. The model’s cost-effective operation and environmentally friendly design is a perfect match for commercial applications such as food processing plants, supermarkets, airports, hotels, or any other building where a vast number of people gather. There is no need to come in contact with the E-901 hand dryer, because it works automatically and can sense the presence of hands. Also, as a result of eliminating excess paper waste, rooms will stay cleaner and tidier. Customers can purchase the high-energy hand washer from AAA Distributor today and experience the many benefits.

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Since 1990, AAA Distributors Inc. has been delivering products for clients all over the United States. Their extensive line of products mainly target commercials and residential kitchens and bathrooms. Customers choose AAA Distributors Inc. because the company is one of the largest suppliers of cabinetry, sinks, faucets, granite tops, floors, tile, toilets and any other household accessories that complement their products. The company carries a lifelong dedication and passion for high quality and affordable kitchen and bathroom products. Each product they sell is presented only in the best design solutions. The company was recently recognized by the National Kitchen and Bath Association for being the best in the industry.

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