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AAA Distributors Inc. Now Offering Summer Specials on Commercial Hand Dryer


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- This summer, many venues across the country will be hosting sporting events, concerts, and other various shows that will be sure the draw thousands of people looking to have a good time. Sooner or later, people will be making their trip to the bathroom. The fun can quickly turn sour when they realize that the hand dryer is broken. Thousands of people will then be using paper towels, creating a huge mess. All of this could have been avoided if the venue owner purchased commercial hand dryers from AAA Distributors Inc. Before things go wrong in a hurry, companies can turn to AAA Distributors Inc. for their summer specials on commercial hand dryers.

For the low price of $299.00, customers can own a reliable commercial hand dryer in PA. The E901 high-speed hand dryer available from AAA Distributors Inc. can dry a person’s hand as quickly as 30 seconds. Having a high level of hygiene is crucial in any situation, whether people are meeting up at a restaurant for dinner, or attending a crowded ballgame. Knowing that the venue has a E901 hand dryer will make people feel more at ease, knowing that their hands will be clean and dry after going to the bathroom.

Nobody likes the noisy hand dryers that take five minutes to dry a person’s hand. Compared to other noisy hand dryers, the E901 operates at a low noise level and uses less energy to dry hands. As a less expensive alternative to paper towels, the E-901 will save businesses money on energy spending and operating expenses. If businesses want to cut down on the line of people in the bathroom, waiting to use the hand dryer, they can purchase the E901 today from AAA Distributors Inc.

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