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AAI Driveway Gates Adds New Custom Design Options for Driveway Gates in Auckland

AAI Driveway Gates design and fabricate gates for homeowners and property developers to give a home a touch of luxury, privacy and added security in Auckland. They have recently extended their range.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- The home is a sacred space for many people, and represents at its best a safe island for the family; a house can only truly be a home when it is safe, and for that there are many solutions. One of the best is an exterior wall that separates the house and grounds from the street, and this necessitates a driveway gate. Fortunately this gate needn’t be all about function, and can actually extend the personality of a home and project an image of class. AAI Driveway Gates offers homeowners and developers in Auckland the best automated gates in the region and now with an extended range of custom options.

The company is capable of creating sliding gates, swinging gates, double swing gates for ease if both entry and exit, and custom gates to meet specific needs in unusual spaces. The gates are fabricated from a range of the highest quality materials, specializing in aluminum construction. Their website already features an impressive portfolio of past projects to stir the imagination.

Individuals or businesses can get a free quote from AAI to discuss automatic driveway gate solutions, and AAI can help to design gates or fabricate gates designed by an architect to fit with the broader stylistic choices, all with cutting edge technology and top of the line manufacturing quality.

Dave Dalton, Managing Director of AAI Driveway Gates explained, “Gates can be fitted with a motion sensor, intercom and remote access buttons depending on the level of security and control clients want to achieve. All automated gates can be locked in place for ultimate security, and their solid construction means they cannot be tampered with or removed. This gives people a convenient and stylish means by which to better protect their homes and cars. AAI can work as an independent entity or as part of a larger design team, and can fulfill all automated gate needs, great or small.”

About AAI Driveway Gates
AAI Driveway Gates has uncompromising standards for the products they create, which included automated, fabricated metal elements including driveway gates and more. The company can create driveway gates from almost any material and in a huge range of unique designs to fit the décor and style of any home. For more information please visit: