Aardvark Video & Media Production

Aardvark Video & Media Production Announces a Bolstering of Streaming Capabilities

Aardvark reports new investment keeps company at the cutting edge, ensures top-quality live video


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Aardvark Video & Media Production announced the expansion of its live video streaming capabilities. The video production company's recent investment into new and more powerful equipment dedicated to this task reflects its commitment to meeting the ever-changing demands of the market. One of the leading companies of this sort in a city which is itself one of the nation's hottest markets for video production, Aardvark Video & Media Production has been in business for nearly thirty years and headquartered in Las Vegas since 2002.

"With every passing day, live, streaming video is becoming more important for businesses which want to keep their brands fresh and exciting," managing director Richard DePaso said, "and our recent investment in top-of-the-line streaming equipment makes us the most capable company of this sort in the state." Although most companies still rely to a great extent on pre-produced video for trade show demonstrations, training purposes, and promotional use, many are discovering that the immediacy and authenticity of live, streaming video makes it valuable in many ways, as well. Recognizing the high levels of demand for this type of video, Aardvark Video and Media Production recently embarked on an overhaul and enhancement of the specialized equipment it uses for capturing and transmitting it.

The Las Vegas corporate video production specialist also continues to excel with a wide variety of other services. Led by DePaso, who combines 20 years of corporate management experience with decades in the video production industry, the company counts among its past clients a number of the largest and most successful companies in the country. As Las Vegas is perennially the nation's top host for trade shows, often claiming more of the top events than the next two most active cities combined, Aardvark has developed unmatched levels of expertise when it comes to producing the video assets that are often so important to exhibitors. The company's many successful projects of this sort have produced a continual stream of business making corporate training and promotional videos, too, making it one of the leading experts in these spheres, as well as one of the top Las Vegas event video production companies.

"Whether it's live, streaming video of an exciting new product unveiling or a training video that will provide years of educational service," DePaso continued, "we're ready to handle any of the video production that Las Vegas businesses or visitors might need." In addition to employing only the most skilled video production staff, Aardvark Video & Media Production is dedicated to making sure that the company's technological assets are the best available. The recent upgrading of its streaming equipment ensures that the company remains the most capable in the area and presages further investments to come.

About Aardvark Video & Media Production
Aardvark Video & Media Production is a leading Las Vegas video production company. Originally founded in New York in 1987, the company moved to Nevada in 2002, since which it has become one of the busiest and most highly-regarded operations of its sort in the area.