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Aava Dental Now Ensures Great Oral Health for Patients Even Without Insurance


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Aava Dental, a leading provider of dental solutions, works with some of the best Dentists in North Hollywood and now ensures great oral health for patients without insurance. Aava Dental also accepts most insurance plans to make help maximize benefits & budgets for its patients.

At Aava Dental, a representative mentions, “Our dentists have been practicing dentistry for an average of 16 years each. The Aava Dental team stays on top of the new techniques by working closely with dental manufacturers, suppliers, and educational leaders. This allows Aava Dental to make patient experiences the best all while offering affordable dentistry.”

Aava Dental works with only the most highly qualified and experienced North Hollywood Dentists to provide effective services such as oral examination and surgeries, dental implants, treatment of Gum Disease, Paediatric Dentistry and other oral health treatments. In addition to this, Aava Dental also provides emergency dental services in North Hollywood for their existing patients. Aava Dental even offers evening & weekend appointments to accommodate any schedule.

About Aava Dental
Aava Dental offers affordable dentistry in Southern California and Texas. Aava Dental ensures patients needs are met and has the utmost confidence in its knowledge and abilities at all of its locations. Patients will not find a dentist in California more qualified and experienced than an Aava Dental dentist! All of its staff at all locations are highly skilled, motivated, and always keep their patients’ best interest in mind. They deliver excellence in everything they do, from teeth whitening to oral surgery, root canals to cavities, and broken braces to a broken tooth.

For more information, please visit us at: http://www.aavadental.com/locations/dentist-north-hollywood/

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