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Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Aava Dental is one of the few clinics that will work with patients who do not have insurance. They offer a 25% discount on all procedures and $19 new patient visit with x-rays to the insured. Also, Aava Dental is one of the few clinics that accept most insurance plans.

A spokesperson for the company states “Our highly skilled and motivated staff will work with your provider to make sure your rates are reasonable and will work closely with you on personalized dental plans that fit your budget. You are guaranteed to have the best dental experience here at Aava Dental.”

Apart from the costs are the skillful and experienced dentists that further Aava Dental’s reputation. Aava Dental has recruited some of the best dentists in California, totaling an average of 16yrs of experience per dentist. Aava dental is also known for taking on emergency cases, supervised by the talented dental professionals.

“The Aava Dental team”, a spokesperson ensures, “stays on top of new techniques by working closely with dental manufacturers, suppliers, and educational leaders”.

About Aava Dental
Aava Dental offers affordable dentistry in Southern California and Texas. Aava Dental wants its patients to feel their needs are being met and has the utmost confidence in its knowledge and abilities at all of its locations. Patients will not find a dentist in California more qualified and experienced than an Aava Dental dentist! All of its staff at all its locations are highly skilled, motivated, and always keep our patients’ best interest in mind. It delivers excellence in everything it does, from teeth whitening to oral surgery, root canals to cavities, and broken braces to a broken tooth.

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