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Abandoned Houston Mother Turns Tragedy Into a Business


Conroe, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2015 -- There are some situations that very much require professional help, if an individual or a family wants to prevent further trauma. One that many don't consider is the aftermath of a suicide, violent crime or any death. There is often the mistaken idea that the police or emergency responders clean up the site of this kind of event of blood and gore. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Often families and friends, rather than having a chance to grieve and process what occurred are forced to clean these things up themselves, something that invites even more trauma and haunting memories. New Beginnings CTS Decon offers professional cleanups of crime scenes, deaths and hoarding situations. The company recently crossed the four years milestone of being in business doing their best to offer relief to those in need.

"We're proud to celebrate our fourth anniversary serving our North Houston community with this much needed kind of service," commented Lynsey Hernandez, founder and head of the company. "I have experienced what it's like to not have access to a service like ours. Six years ago my cousin and best friend, Sarah, without warning took her own life. We were in shock. In the aftermath of the ordeal her family and I thought that the authorities would clean up where this occurred. Instead I was left with a few family members, just hours after her death, cleaning up her remains. It was already a traumatizing experience made much worse by not having a service we could call to help."

Hernandez continued, "This planted the seed of what would become New Beginning CTS Decon. Some time past, and after being abandoned by my then husband and father of our son. I found myself with no income and no way to provide for my son. I thought back to what happened with Sarah and wanted to do anything Icould to save other people from experiencing what I went through. I followed through with training, certifications and insurance and our company was born. These four years, have been very rewarding knowing that at least in a small way, we are doing what we can to offer people in the worst of circumstance some relief. And at the same time provide for my son and family."

Client feedback from New Beginnings CTS Decon has been positive across the board.

Lauren W., from North Houston, recently said, "My tenant passed away 2 weeks prior to me finding out and I called New Beginnings CTS Decon to come out and they arrived in 30 min. They went above and beyond what I would have expected. I thank them for taking care of this matter in a professional way and being there quickly. They really helped me out. I would refer them to anyone who is ever in need of their services!"

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