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Abbeycare Release Alcohol Demotivator Tool for Help to Stop Drinking


Glasgow, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Specialist UK addiction clinic Abbeycare are delighted to announce the release of their new 'Alcohol Demotivator' interactive tool, that helps individuals stop drinking when they feel tempted.

Available on their website, by entering the details of how much alcohol they consume daily, users can immediately see the potential impact of their drinking, on areas of life such as finances, health, driving safety, and more. Results are personalised to the individual.

Intended as a demotivational tool, or deterrent, the tool can be used by those who are actively drinking alcohol at present, or by those looking to maintain long term abstinence.

Developed by their in-house web team, Abbeycare wanted to provide some real-world indication for alcohol users, of the impact their habit may have.

Abbeycare's founder John McLean explains, "For those who need help, the spiral of addiction is a blurred experience - most will never realise the real consequences we present in the tool, such as exactly how much money someone will spend, how likely they are to succumb to liver damage, and many more risks. The tool seeks to remedy it could be used as a deterrent, or a tool for intervention, in the right conditions."

He continues, "Naturally, we realise there's much more to the addiction recovery journey than tools such as this, but it's a useful support to use as a reference point for many."

The Alcohol Demotivator lays out units of intake, risk level, money spent on alcohol per month and for the next year, as well as risk of stroke, liver cirrhosis, and other health issues.

With two specialist addiction clinics in the UK, Abbeycare helps individuals recover from alcohol and/or drug addiction via detox, therapeutic intervention, and aftercare support. Multiple detox options are available, and most program options take place in their UK residential units in Newmarket, Suffolk, and Wishaw, outside Glasgow.

The centre of the treatment program is a potent combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and the 12 step recovery approach. Clients are integrated into mutual aid support meetings even whilst still in treatment, and one-to-one support sessions complement therapeutic insights gained.

The Abbeycare Alcohol Demotivator can be found at

About Abbeycare
Abbeycare provide specialist UK residential clinic care for recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. With multiple detox options and a comprehensive therapeutic program, Abbeycare know the signature of addiction and help every client achieve the strongest possible start to their recovery journey.

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