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ABBYY Software Announces Their Automated OCR Recognition Server

ABBYY Software, the creators of automated OCR software for businesses, has introduced the Automated OCR Recognition Server. Businesses throughout the world have already started to use the software to help save time and money.


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- ABBYY Software has announced their automated OCR recognition server to the general public with Tallega Software. The ABBYY Recognition Server is great for businesses, because it will help streamline productivity and efficiency.

This is a server-based software that is used for automating document processing, PDF and conversion in service and enterprise-based environment. It has a structural design that will make it easy to organize document processing solutions of any size.

ABBYY Recognition has the capabilities of automatically converting a large amount of document images and paper documents into electronic text that is fully searchable. This is great for enterprise search, archiving and e-discovery.

With this software, companies will be able to save money and time, because it enables unattended, automated document processing that can be accessed and managed remotely or from anywhere within an organization. ABBYY also explained how the recognition server can connect with numerous third-party applications and back-end systems via XML tickets, Scripts, COM-based API or Web-service API.

ABBYY intelligent OCR and PDF conversion technology is able to recognize up to 190 different languages.

ABBYY Recognition Server consists of various components that companies can install on multiple computers at one time in LAN. The primary components include:

- Processing Station
- Indexing Station
- Scanning Station
- Server Manager
- Connector to Microsoft Search Systems
- Connector to Google Search Appliance
- Remote Administration Console

Companies can use this software for:

- Document Capture Front-End for ECM Systems
- OCR for the Google Search Appliance
- Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
- OCR for Microsoft search systems
- Everyday OCR service
- Document Capture Front-End for ECM Systems

With these type of usage scenarios, many companies have already started to use this software in order to save time and money. Instead of paying someone to take time to perform these tasks, the software has the capabilities of automatically doing it.

About ABBYY Recognition Server
ABBYY Recognition Server is a server-based OCR software that companies use for automatic document conversion and document capture process. It is currently being used at thousands of enterprises and departments around the world.

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