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ABBYY Software Offers Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

ABBYY Software has created the ABBYY Recognition Server, which is beneficial to healthcare providers around the world.


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- ABBYY Software, the creators of powerful data processing software has helped thousands of organizations save time and money, which in return increases the productivity level. They have released software that focuses on the healthcare industry – the software is called ABBYY Recognition Server.

There are many benefits to using the recognition software, starting with the increase in efficiency. By automating the classification and capture of medical documents, healthcare companies will be more organized.

Cost reduction is another key benefit. Companies are able to get rid of costly manual labor by automating the processing of healthcare documents. In return, this increases staff productivity, giving more time for employees to focus on other duties, instead of having to focus on manual data entry.

Companies will also have better data accuracy when they use ABBYY Recognition Server. This software dramatically reduces errors by high quality OCR/ICR/OMR barcode recognition and data validation against patient accounting and various other systems.

Patients will also benefit from this software as the retrieval and delivery of data to nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals will be done quicker.

The Recognition server consists of different component that can be installed on multiple computers in a LAN. The major components include:

- Processing Station
- Server Manager
- Scanning Station
- Indexing Station
- Connector to Microsoft Search Systems
- Connector to Google Search Appliance
- Remote Administration Console

ABBYY Recognition Server offers an API that can be used for integration with various other applications. The API is capable of passing image files to the Recognition Server, obtaining converted files and getting notification about job completion.

ABBYY Recognition Server is a good choice for those organizations that are searching for a useful automated OCR server and document capture software. This OCR solution is powerful, yes simple and has been designed for mid-to-high-volume document processing across large enterprises and department. Take this software and mix it with one of Tallega’s ECM solutions and the company will be able to look for documents using any keyword.

About ABBYY Recognition Server
ABBYY Recognition Server for healthcare is great for organizations that are wanting to use an effective automated OCR server and document capture software. This software helps safe time and money, which is why so many healthcare facilities have already started to use it.

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