ABC Commercial Has Launched a Brain Training Program

ABC Commercial has launched an online, interactive brain training program called Active Memory. This program is designed on the basis of proven and strict scientific methods to improve mental and cognitive abilities.


NSW, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- ABC Commercial is an Australian broadcasting corporation. ABC is state owned and funded National Broadcasting Corporation. For more than 80 years, ABC has been dedicated to serve the people of Australia. Their services include Radio, Television, Online, International and Commercial broadcastings.

ABC Commercial has recently launched an online brain training program. This program is called Active Memory. Like its name depicts, this online program is made with proven scientific methods to improve mental and cognitive abilities. The idea behind this online program is that, not everybody is gifted with a great memory, quick learning and better cognitive skills, but mind is a muscle and a muscle can be trained with the help of scientifically proven brain games.

The reason behind creating Active Memory, online brain training program is that modern day busy routine doesn't allow us to exercise our brains. We perform our daily tasks on muscle memory. If brain is not exercised enough, then it's not good for brain health. So proper brain training is essential for healthy brain. When brain is healthy and well exercised, memory, learning skills, cognitive abilities and many other brain related abilities improve a lot.

While making the user interface of Active Memory, special care is taken to ensure that it is as user friendly as possible. People of all ages are kept in mind while designing the user interface. Also, brain games in the program are tailored to meet the best and proven scientific methods to improve mental and cognitive abilities. All the brain games are made with a proper statistical model to show the users their progress and also predict the right amount of difficulty. The online program helps the members to reach their peak potential through a systematic and scientific way and also on their own pace.

ABC Commercial is determined to help people improve their mental abilities with the help of Active Memory. Active Memory is for the people of all ages. Even children will enjoy those fun and challenging games.

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