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ABC Compounding Pharmacy Is the Premiere Compounding Pharmacy in Studio City


Encino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2016 -- Studio City compounding pharmacy, ABC Compounding Pharmacy, is dedicated to providing customers with affordable, high-quality customized medications. This Studio City compounding pharmacy will work with physicians to create treatments that meet the needs of each individual requiring specialized medications. Many of the medications compounded by ABC Compounding Pharmacy are creams that ensure that patients will receive maximum benefits without potential liver damage. These are great solutions for patients who have trouble taking medications through traditional methods.

The staff at this Studio City compounding pharmacy guarantee that expectations will not only be met but exceeded. Studio City compounding pharmacy has a team of highly qualified pharmacists, technicians and chemists that are experienced in compounding an assortment of medications that meet the specific needs of each individual that visits them. ABC Compounding Pharmacy specializes in custom medications that treat anything from dermatological problems to pain management and beyond.

The staff at this Studio City compounding pharmacy always put patient care before anything else. Since medications are customized based on individual needs, it is easy to modify dosage and dosage form. Studio City compounding pharmacy is able to offer better alternatives to physicians that will be a preferred substitute to generic medications typically prescribed to patients. The staff at ABC Compounding Pharmacy have dedicated their careers to providing quality prescriptions to all of their patients in need of alternative medications.

About ABC Compounding Pharmacy
ABC Compounding Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy and full-service drugstore. The Studio City compounding pharmacy has a comprehensive medication inventory in order to reduce the wait time in receiving your prescription. Studio City compounding pharmacy guarantees high quality, low cost medications.

For information about compounding medications, visit their website: or drop into their pharmacy location at 16311 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91436 828-783-0422.

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Company Name: ABC Compounding Pharmacy
Phone Number: 818-783-0422
Address: Encino, CA 91436