ABC News Reports 15% Increase in Crime Rate, Publishes Analysis of US Cities


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- ABC News recently reported that both annual violent crime rate and property crime rate has increased for the second time in a row in the US. The report is based on a crime victimization survey which is conducted by visiting homes and interviewing the victims. The report informs that the violent crime rate has gone up by an astonishing 15% from last year and property crime rate by 12%.

Many fear that this increase could be the end of the 2 decades of consistent annual crime rate drops and could be a new trend setter making the US cities unsafe in the future. As Carnegie Mellon University professor Jonathan Caulkins stated, “One year of bad news is something you notice but don't necessarily draw conclusions about. Two years of bad news suggests it might be time to start worrying.”

This crime rate increase may lead to shifting of families to a safer city or at least avoiding crime prone areas. and, lifestyle blogs which are becoming widely popular in social networking sites, have even ranked the Top 10 most violent and dangerous cities in the U.S. with additional analysis of future prospects of the cities based on current & past statistics.

According to the blogs, luckily the crime rate in the populous cities is more stable, however in these cities the crime rate can differ substantially in local areas. has published another interesting ranking of the least happy cities in the U.S., displaying the direct correlation of crime rate and general mood of the community.

Despite the increasing crime rates, U.S. cities are still a much safer place compared to the most dangerous metropolitan areas worldwide. Most of the cities in the list by are in South America, Central America and in Pakistan, Somalia and the neighboring Mexico.

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