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Able Cleaning Inc. Now Provides Cleaning Services to Those Who Are Disabled in Philadelphia


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Able Cleaning Inc. is proud to announce that they now offer cleaning services to those who are disabled or elderly in Philadelphia, PA. Everyone loves to have a clean home. However, cleaning may not be the easiest of tasks to complete especially if the person has any disabilities or is elderly. With Able Cleaning’s Philadelphia and NJ cleaning services, it is possible for people to keep a clean and tidy home for when family and friends visit, or just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only can this promote a positive living atmosphere, but cleaning can also prevent any accidents or falls from occurring.

Able Cleaning Inc. cleaning services in NJ can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis. There are many family members who simply can’t make it to their parents or grandparents home on a frequent basis due to raising children and their career, but with Able Cleaning Inc., it will gives those a peace of mind knowing their parents or disabled family members are getting a clean home when they can’t make it there. This is not only great for those who are elderly, but war veterans who have physical injuries that keep them from doing some activities or chores.

Their professional cleaning technicians will be able to ensure a clean, healthy environment for those who simply do not have the ability to reach every square inch of the home. Able Cleaning Inc. does not want children to worry about their elders when it comes to finding cleaning services in Philadelphia. They want to know they will have a sanitary, safe environment to live in without the added stress of worrying who is coming through their home during cleanings. Able Cleaning can be trusted since they provide preliminary background checks and are tested prior to being hired. They provide the most efficient cleanings at the lowest possible prices, so those who are disabled or elderly do not have to worry about exerting energy on cleaning their home that could even cause injury. Leave it up to the professionals at Able Cleaning Inc., they are more than proud to give a healthy environment to those in need.

About Able Cleaning Inc.
Able Cleaning Inc. has had the pleasure to provide cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Dating back since 1980, the professionals dedicate themselves to being fully trained and certified so that every property owner gets the best cleaning each and every time. Their professional cleaning services in NJ are proud users of Designed for Environment cleaning products, which are a natural cleaning that promotes a healthy atmosphere for all.

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