Joe Bragg Launches Plain English Explanations of Infrastructure as a Service


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is changing the way UK companies do business. By adopting IaaS, companies have been able to significantly reduce the costs of running a business while gaining access to the new and exciting benefits of cloud computing.

But how does IaaS work? And is it the right solution for every company? One website seeks to answer that question. features detailed descriptions of IaaS and how it works. There are articles that describe IaaS to complete beginners as well as blog posts that detail the latest advancements in the field of IaaS.

One recent blog post discusses how valuable the IaaS industry is in the United Kingdom. Specifically, IaaS is expected to be worth approximately 70 billion Euros by 2016. That blog post also mentions that the UK has one of the highest IaaS adoption rates in the world.

IaaS is a cloud computing concept that allows companies to share technological infrastructure with other companies in order to reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency. Instead of depending on a group of physical machines in order to support a company’s digital infrastructure, IaaS separates powerful physical machines into groups of virtual machines. Companies access these virtual machines according to their needs.

A spokesperson for the About IaaS website explains the powerful benefits that customers can unlock by subscribing to an IaaS plan:

“IaaS allows UK companies to save a considerable amount of money while making their offices more efficient. With IaaS, companies can quickly install operating systems and programs across an entire network of computers through the cloud. Companies store their data on the cloud where it tends to be more secure than traditional types of digital infrastructure.”

At the, visitors will also learn that IaaS plans are completely customizable. Customers can change plans according to the unique needs of their business. And with plenty of different cloud hosting services in the United Kingdom, wants to educate consumers on which company offers the best solution to their needs.

In an effort to educate visitors, the site includes IaaS videos, blog posts, and other information. The goal of this information is to make the decision-making process as easy as possible for the average consumer:

“Our website includes all of the information business owners need to make an informed decision about the future of their company’s digital infrastructure. With more and more companies switching over to ‘the cloud’, IaaS is becoming a valid option for businesses across the country, and it’s something that every business owner needs to seriously consider.”