Abraham Inetianbor Looks to Garner Support via Indiegogo for His Unique Venture "Workout or WalkOut"

"WorkOut or WalkOut" is an exceptional idea from Abraham Inetianbor(Abe) to stop people from occupying gym equipment just to spend time on their phones.


Oakland Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Many fitness enthusiasts around the world are tired of people that spend hours on equipment/machines in the gym not because they’re working out, but because they’re spending time chatting, playing video games, using Facebook, and texting on their phones. As a result, people hitting the gym for a serious workout are often found waiting for no good reason. Here is his great, but humorous idea to solve this problem.

Through his Indiegogo campaign, Abe is inviting all fitness enthusiasts to join him in sending texts with a funny, but clever "WorkOut or WalkOut" logo to others. These texts will be sent not only to people that waste other’s time during workout sessions, but also to those that spend too much time on their couch with their mobile phones. He has already listed a limited amount of products for his backers and more products in different colors and sizes would be available very soon. With adequate funding support from Indiegogo, Abe will also launch an online e-commerce store for his line of products.

Abe is extremely hopeful about creating a long term impact with his endeavor. He is looking to create awareness amongst people about staying healthy instead of wasting too much time on their mobile phones, with a touch of humor and fun. “People will have a good laugh when they see it and will remember, but at the same time it will create awareness and help people focus more on their health than their fingers,” he says.

This Indiegogo Project ends on December 05, 2014.

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About Abraham Inetianbor
Abraham Inetianbor is just a regular everyday guy. His project "WorkOut or WalkOut" is an innovative idea to stop people from occupying gym equipment just to spend time on their phones.