Abramkhan.com Launches a Platform for Wannabe Actors to Initiate Their Careers

They help new talent to get prepared for Hollywood and Bollywood debuts


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- There are many aspirants in India who wish to make their mark in the field of acting. At http://abramkhan.com/, all such people can get the required training to hone their skills in the same and get ready to start their careers in a big way. The website aims at facilitating screen tests for Hollywood and Bollywood movies, depending on the individual's interest.

Getting casted for a movie can be quite a daunting process without the help of the right platform. The main aim of http://abramkhan.com/ is said to help expedite the process of getting a role by providing new talent with the right choices. Interested people can upload their portfolios on the same and await contact.

There are many struggling actors in the whole of India who fail to get noticed because of the lack of a good gateway. All of them can upload their pictures and information at the aforementioned website and increase their chances of getting picked for a screen test in Hollywood or Bollywood. 'Any inherent talent needs to be mastered with the help of the right guidance', says Ashish Sood, the spokesperson of the website. He has assured that they have experts working for them in all the different facets of acting.

The website says, "There are different nuances which have to be perfected in order to get noticed in the film industry. Apart from providing our clients with all these, we also ensure that they get to participate in screen tests from the comforts of their homes. This is an innovative platform which deals with other aspects of acting such as voice, dialogue delivery, dancing, etc."

To obtain more information about the services, visit http://abramkhan.com/

About abramkhan.com
The website claims that several of their clients have already been approached for TV and film roles and have started appearing in the same. Their aim is to provide a chance to their clients to showcase their talent in the world of cinema. This is said to be one of the few places which deals with Hollywood movies as well.

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