Abraxis' Progesterone/Bovine Pregnancy ELISA Kit Is Used to Improve Dairy Herd Reproductive Management and Milk Production


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Abraxis LLC, a supplier of rapid detection solutions to the multi billion dollar global dairy industry, recently introduced a simple, reliable and inexpensive progesterone/bovine pregnancy ELISA kit for the early and accurate assessment of bovine oestrus cycle and pregnancy. Early detection of non pregnant cows is important to reduce calving intervals and optimize milk production. During the bovine oestrus cycle, the level of progesterone measurably changes. At the beginning of the oestrus cycle, low levels of progesterone will be detected. Artificial insemination (AI) is performed when progesterone levels are low. Pregnancy is confirmed when progesterone levels are elevated and continue to increase after day 20 of the cycle. Progesterone levels that drop after day 20 indicate the beginning of a new cycle. The determination of progesterone levels in dairy cattle is a valuable tool for maintaining an accurate time management of artificial insemination (AI) of open cows. Methods previously available for confirmation of bovine pregnancy were ultrasound and rectal palpation 30 to 40 days after AI.

The progesterone/bovine pregnancy ELISA kit determines progesterone directly from either raw milk or serum/plasma and can be performed in either a quantitative or semi-quantitative manner. By using a non-invasive raw milk sample and the semi-quantitative protocol, visual results are available in about 45 minutes. A fieldable, portable, starter pack with a handheld, durable photometric analyzer with LCD readout, is available for onsite quantitative analysis.

Dave Deardorff, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales at Abraxis LLC, said, "The addition of the progesterone/bovine pregnancy kit to the sixteen pesticide, mycotoxin, veterinary residue/additive kits we already provide for milk applications demonstrates our commitment to the expanding needs of the global dairy industry. We have already seen international programs integrate this testing into their operations."

About Abraxis LLC
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