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Absolute American Record in Biathlon Distributed By: Innovative Results, Inc

On February 22nd (2/22), Aaron Guyett set the American Record in Biathlon at the 2014 California Open Kettlebell Sport Lift Championship in Costa Mesa, CA with a total score of 243 repetitions.


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- This weekend’s high point at the California Open Championship in Costa Mesa gave spectators and participants the best experience of the tension, excitement, and glory found in kettlebell sport. The emotion and pressure was palpable at Innovative Results as Aaron Guyett had an opportunity to break American record.

The first day, Aaron Guyett entertained the crowd with skill and heart as he set a winning pace in Jerk—a ten-minute event where he pressed two 24 kg or 52 lb kettlebells overhead 123 times—which laid the foundation for the possibility to beat the American record in biathlon.

Biathlon is an all day event where the competitor does a ten-minute set of jerk in the earlier day, and follows it with a ten-minute set of snatch later. The competitor uses two bells in the Jerk, and a single bell for the snatch. The participant cannot set the bells down, and has to fixate in the top position by “locking out” the body in order for the repetitions to count.

Chris Doenlen held the previous record with 121 jerks and 220 snatches. He set this record in early 2013, and has since started competing with the 32 kg kettlebells in biathlon. He was present at the event, and was watching Aaron Guyett’s performance closely, after witnessing the 123 Jerks.

When Aaron Guyett stood on the lifting platform to do his final ten-minute set, his face was determined yet relaxed, and his eyes were intense as he stared out into the space of Innovative Results, filled with spectators hushed by the potential record. The countdown began, and all the lifters grabbed their bells swinging them back to begin their work. Guyett held a very fast pace for the first four and a half minutes, with approximately 22 reps per minute, but started to fall off. Everyone looked with concern as he kept lifting past the five minute mark, and relief hit his face and the fans as he switched to his left hand thirty seconds into minute five. His pace quickened, and then steadied at 22 per minute again. In the last minute, you could see his face furrow—body beat down but not lost—he gave every rep with his heart. Carried forward by his coach, Jason Dolby’s motivational excitement, shouts, spurring, and gestations. Moved intensely by the crowd’s upheaval of claps, hollers, and exhilaration. Guyett hits 220, then barely able to hold onto the kettlebell, he swings it up into fixation again for 221, and when it looked like he had absolutely nothing left, he hardly swings the 53 pound bell up into one final fixation with only half a second left. 222 repetitions counted by judge and legendary lifter, Sergei Merkulin.

On February 22nd (2/22), Aaron Guyett earns the American record in Biathlon with a total score of 243 (each repetition in snatch is worth half a point, and each repetition in Jerk is worth one point). Hugged by nearly everyone in the crowd, you see the glory that comes after so much work, training, and focus in Aaron Guyett’s smile. His coach cries, and all of Guyett’s heroes—Russian World Champions—congratulate him on a “GREAT RESULT!”

When interviewed afterwards, Guyett said, “I am so honored to lift with World Champions, American Champions, Innovative Results, Orange Kettlebell Club, and so many amazing lifters from around the nation and world, especially my wife, Keri.”

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