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Absolute American Record in Long Cycle Written By: Aaron Guyett

On February 23rd, 2014, Bill Esch (Omaha, Nebraska) set the American Record in Long Cycle at the 2014 California Open Kettlebell Sport Lifting Championship in Costa Mesa, CA with a total score of 81 repetitions. Bill Esch was the previous 2013 American Record holder in this event with 71 repetitions.


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Finally, Bill Esch steps up on the platform against top-ranked kettlebell athlete from Kazakhstan, Goncharov Yevgeniy. Goncharov is an 11-time World Champion, and Esch has an opportunity to beat him and his own American Record of 71 repetitions in ten minutes.

As soon as the timer begins Esch sets a pace of eight repetitions per minute. Holding this count solidly Esch performs an extra fixation before minute five, putting Bill at 51 repetitions.

In the middle of the seventh minute Goncharov sets his kettlebells down, to everyone’s amazement. He signals to the crowd he is tired, and waves as he steps off of the platform.

Meanwhile Bill Esch is working every single muscle in his entire body to finish the ten minutes at his incredible pace.

With every ounce of effort, with every breath, with every movement from the crowd, Esch continues to get both 32 kg kettlebells over his head in a locked out position. It seems impossible, but every lift of the 140 pounds of weight is met with a lock out fixation that puts one more rep on the reader board.

In the final seconds Esch attempts his last fixation and establishes the new American Record in Long Cycle with 81 repetitions in ten minutes. Ten more than last year, which was set at the same Innovative Results venue.

Bill Esch, Aaron Guyett, and Denis Vasilev walk away from the California Open Championship put on by Orange Kettlebell Club and the United States Kettlebell Sport Federation with Records and an immense amount of support, encouragement and pride in their accomplishments. Their smiles show it all!

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