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Absolute Pest Management Launches Campain to Eliminate Bedbugs and Future Outbreaks

Absolute Pest Management Is Among First In Texas To Offer Thermal Remediation


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2013 -- Reports indicate a 70 percent increase in bedbug outbreaks over the last decade, driving the public to spend an average of $250 million dollars annually to fight these infestations. Due to the small size and evasive nature of these insects, controlling an infestation can be almost impossible for those not trained in proper pest management techniques. In an effort to assist the population of Central Texas in fighting these pests, Absolute Pest Management has launched a campaign to eradicate bedbugs within one treatment to prevent further spread.

Tony Ragan, Founder of Absolute Pest Management, explained, "Absolute Pest Management conducts free inspections of homes and businesses. One of our certified professionals will assess the situation and identify conducive conditions for pests. This will allow us to identify pests and any related damage they may have caused, evaluate sanitation practices and structural problems and customize a pest control method best suited for each individual situation. Bed bugs have become a huge problem for Central Texas. Bed bug infestations can occur in both commercial and residential areas. As an expert pest management company, we inform clients that treating bed bugs properly the first time is essential because if not treated properly, there remains a high chance that they could come back. This will cause more grief and extra expenses for our clients. In addition to eradicating the pests, we try to educate our clients in eliminating unnecessary clutter, thereby giving the bedbugs fewer places to hide. Absolute Pest Management is one of the first pest control companies in Texas to offer thermal remediation for the control of bed bugs."

Ragan went on to say, "We don't only treat bedbugs infestations, though. Our pest control services include elimination of termites, mosquitoes, bees, scorpions, ants, spiders, cockroaches and rodents and wildlife. Scorpions and bees are dangerous and frightening pests. Scorpions are venomous in both species and bees can cause severe, even deadly, allergic reactions. Regardless of the species of animals, such as cats, dogs and humans, scorpion and bee stings pose a threat. Termites cause millions of dollars in structural damage each year, and mosquitoes and rodents carry harmful diseases. We offer home pest control as well as commercial. Our experts are trained to pay extra attention to outdoor areas like pools, cabanas, gazebos, storage sheds and other common areas where pests can hide and eventually make their way back inside homes and businesses."

About Absolute Pest Management
Absolute Pest Management is a family owned business located in South Austin. Founded in 1999 by Tony Ragan, with emphasis on client relations and quality service, Absolute Pest Management has grown from a one-man operation to over 25 employees. They serve the entire Austin area including Georgetown, Round Rock, Buda, Klye and now San Marcos and San Antonio. They take pride in the services they offer and believe their experience, honesty, integrity, affordability and respect are what distinguishes them from their competitors.