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Absolute Solar Elaborates on Some of Solar's Benefits


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2018 -- Founded in 2017, Absolute Solar of Orem in Utah County provides Utah and Nevada residential communities and commercial businesses with the best in solar energy systems.

In their June blog, Absolute Solar walks their readers through some of the benefits of going solar, some more widely known and some less.

For one thing, installing solar panels in one's home can significantly increase its total value. While the precise numbers vary according to circumstance, research performed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory indicates that on average, $20 value will be added to a home for each $1 saved in energy bills from a solar installation. Depending on the size and location of one's home and the power of the panels installed, a home's total market value can easily increase by more than $20,000. Additionally, homes installed with solar sell 20% faster on average than homes without, which can be of significant advantage in slow housing markets.

Further, Absolute Solar reports that solar power benefits the environment for a number of reasons. In contrast to fossil fuels, which produce poisonous emissions of carbon dioxide and methane that pollute the air, solar energy emits no harmful gases. Solar power can even improve the quality of local water. Factories that are powered by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas require tremendous amounts of water for their vital cooling, often forcing them to compete with farmers and local drinking systems over shared resources.

Another oft-discussed advantage of solar power is its ability to foster energy independence, allowing the U.S. to harness and generate its own power without becoming reliant on imports from abroad.

Those with questions about the other advantages of solar power are encouraged to call Absolute Solar today at 801-396-0938 or to visit their site at https://www.goabsolutesolar.com/.

About Absolute Solar
Created in 2017, Absolute Solar provides their local Utah and Nevada residential communities and commercial businesses with the highest quality solar energy systems, focusing on building customer relationships and exceeding customer expectations with their more than ten years of experience.

For more information about Absolute Solar, visit their website at https://www.goabsolutesolar.com/.