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Consumers Are Turning More Often to Mobile Devices When Searching for Information


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- eMarketer recently conducted a study, one which found that 40 percent of Internet users access the world wide web using a mobile device, rather than a laptop or personal computer. "As a result of this increase in mobile device use, business owners need to focus on responsive web design when choosing a web design London firm as this style of web design allows users to view a website from a range of devices while still having site continuity among the various devices," Mark Roberts of Abstract Indigo explains.

The problem many companies encounter when designing a website involves the rapid advances in mobile device technology. Devices continuously become more powerful and faster and websites must be able to keep up with these advances to engage consumers who want the latest in technology at all times. "Certain customers are now stating that the majority of their traffic comes from mobile devices, more than observed in the eMarketer study, making responsive web design of even greater importance," Roberts continues.

According to ME Mobile Entertainment, the average number of unique screen resolutions came in at 232 for 2013, a significant increase over the 97 available in 2010. "Thanks to the increasing number of screen resolutions offered, the one-size-fits-all design no longer works. Furthermore, web design projects vary greatly in terms of complexity, with some sites needing basic content and others needing e-commerce features and other advanced items. "No matter what one needs when it comes to their site, our web design London firm remains ready to assist," Roberts goes on to say.

The main reason companies need to look into responsive web design lies in the fact that Google has declared responsive web design is the future of the Internet. "When the same URL is used for all company web pages, rather than having different pages for different device sites, Google finds it easier to index the site and inconsistencies across devices are reduced, which is of importance as Google may penalize for the errors," Roberts states.

Abstract Indigo offers responsive web design services, e-commerce sites, PPC management and consulting, search engine optimization assistance and more. "When one needs to improve their business website, Abstract Indigo can be of help and, with all services under one roof, the process becomes much easier. In addition, this allows the client to have his or her website up and running in a shorter period of time and that's always of great benefit," Roberts declares.

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