AbundantLifeResource.com Offers Health Products to Keep the Body Glowing

As founder and owner, Joni has the privilege of announcing the creation and launch of a new online venture at AbundantLifeResource.com; this new website offers customers a huge selection of supplies for healthy living, including essential oils, diffusers, beauty accessories and much more. Customers can find more information on the blog at AbundantLifeResourceBlog.com.


West Bloomfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2019 -- Joni is proud to announce the launch of her website, https://AbundantLifeResource.com. This new website offers customers a place to shop for a wide range of products to improve their health and their quality of life. Customers browsing the website will discover a great selection of essential oil diffusers, both therapeutic and humidifying, for use at home and on the go. When it comes to health and beauty, the array of products on the website are intended to address a wide range of health concerns and includes helpful products like oral care sets, body brushes, enema bags and more. Shoppers will also find useful kitchen goods that will help them in their journey toward health and wellness, as well as fitness technology to help track health goals and progress.

AbundantLifeResource.com was created with the mission to provide customers the resources that they need to fight disease. Joni has been passionate about health for many years and is thrilled to be able to share her passion and her experience with others through her online store. As a former junk food junkie, Joni knows the dangers of poor diet and the strain that it can put on the body; her website is full of the products and knowledge that she has used throughout the years to keep her own body flowing and glowing. The products on the website are all carefully hand-picked for their quality and the incredible impact they've had on Joni's own health.

As the website continues to grow and to mature, customers will find even more products to choose from. Everything offered at AbundantLifeResource.com is carefully researched and chosen for maximum results on daily health.

To complement the main website, Joni has also started a blog that customers can find at https://AbundantLifeResourceBlog.com. The blog contains all kinds of helpful information that customers can use to find products and improve their health.

About AbundantLifeResource.com
AbundantLifeResource.com is owned and operated by Joni, a health advocate, devout Christian and web entrepreneur.

Joni Nicodemus