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Abuse of Media Power - Read kazalfamilystory.com to Learn How a Vendetta Against Former Business Associates Was Carried out by Rodric David, Aided and Abetted by SMH Journalist, Linton Besser


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- Forgetting the basic rule of impartial reporting, some journalists, such as Linton Besser of Australia's Sydney Morning Herald, indulge in smear campaigns maligning the image of respectable people and appears to have been entitled to script false and fictional stories by his corporate superiors. The Kazal Family has had to bear the brunt and inevitable repercussions of the malicious intentions of this supposed leading journalist and the corporate fraudster, Mr Rodric David.

Any right-minded person would naturally want to set the record straight so one can contact both the writer and the Editor of the newspaper but not one word from the many written responses that he provided them ever saw the light of day. Nor did the newspaper seek to balance the articles with the Kazal’s perspective of the events.

Now imagine 24 feature articles under this journalist’s by-line and published by this same newspaper from 2010 to 2013 that falsely alleges that Charif Kazal and Kazal family members were guilty of corrupt/improper conduct and immoral/reprehensible behavior.

Now compare the very favorable portrayal of Rodric David, the newspaper’s “informant.” Linton Besser deliberately avoided to mention David’s involvement in the failed business enterprises in the Middle East and the extraordinary lengths he went to extinguish the Kazal’s business interests. The truth of the matter is Rodric David is the one guilty of corrupt/improper conduct and immoral/reprehensible behavior.

Read the real story behind the slander campaign perpetrated by Besser and the Sydney Morning Herald against the Kazal family at - http://kazalfamilystory.com

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Visit the Kazal Family Story’s website that was developed to provide the public with the other side of the story so they can come to understand what was actually behind the smear campaign conducted in the Sydney Morning Herald. It also explains how Linton Besser aided and abetted Rodric David in his mission to destroy the Kazal family for financial gain. With the financial gain significant, not in the thousand dollar range but in the multi-millions of dollars range