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Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2018 -- For Texas Rangers fans, it's tough—if not impossible—to get excited about the upcoming Major League Baseball playoffs. That's because the home team is so far out of contention that it's painful—the result of poor planning and bad decision-making by management.

When it comes to air conditioner service in Kennedale, TX, and beyond, the good guys at Texas Air Authorities are here to remind everyone that poor planning and bad decision-making can result in central air conditioners with losing seasons, too.

Smart homeowners use winning strategies to keep their air conditioning systems healthy, productive and on hot streaks when it comes to offensive and defensive play. Here are a few effective game plans to keep the AC system at peak performance when it must go to bat for families in Arlington and beyond:

1. Proper preparation is key. When it comes to an AC system, this means scheduling an AC maintenance checkup. Just like professional athletes, AC systems lose their toning and conditioning when they aren't put through their paces on a regular basis. Neglected, out-of-shape units must work harder and longer to get the job done. This results in reduced efficiency and increased energy bills. According to some estimates, more than half of system breakdowns happen because systems aren't maintained.

2. Stick with the fundamentals. For baseball players, the fundamentals include running the bases and hitting, throwing and fielding the ball. For homeowners, the fundamentals include buying a system that's the right size, maintaining the unit and leaving the thermostat alone. Tinkering with the thermostat too much causes the system to work overtime and doesn't raise and lower the temperature any quicker.

3. Use the tools of the trade. In baseball, bats, balls, gloves, batter's helmets, catcher's masks, shin guards and cleats are just some of the equipment that allows players to be successful and safe. In the HVAC world, an important tool that is sometimes overlooked is the dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity in a home, making it much more comfortable. It really is true: It's not (just) the heat. It's the humidity. When a dehumidifier is called into the game, it often provides some much-needed relief for the air conditioner, which doesn't have to work as hard. What a team!

4. Stay out of the sun. Unfortunately, baseball players don't have a choice on hot summer game days. But they do the next best thing: wear caps and slather on the sunscreen. When outdoor AC units are in the sun, they must work harder. They should be placed out of direct sunlight whenever possible. When that can't be done, landscaping can provide needed shade. However, make sure that trees, shrubs or other landscaping don't restrict access to the unit.

5. Eliminate unnecessary problems and distractions. Players on successful teams have each other's backs and protect themselves from costly distractions. For an AC system, the sun can become a costly distraction, heating up a house and forcing the AC to go into overdrive. That's when curtains can become the MVP. Keep curtains closed in the daytime to keep heat out and open them in the evening to allow heat to escape.

The good news for Rangers fans is that the team is in the middle of a rebuild that could make them playoff contenders in the not-too-distant future—2021. Fortunately, homeowners eager for a winning season for their AC systems won't have to wait if they place their hopes and trust in the good guys at Texas Air Authorities. This team has an air conditioning maintenance (game)plan in Mansfield, TX, and throughout the area that guarantees success this year—and every year.

To learn more about maintenance plans or to schedule an appointment, give Texas Air a jingle at 817.402.3576 or visit the company on the web.

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