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AC Repair Austin Reports the Hottest Days of Summer Are Yet to Come publishes new information to ensure consumers know how to keep their HVAC system operating properly at all times


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- August remains the hottest month of the year in Austin, Texas, with the average high reaching 97 degrees. From April until October, the average high hovers at 80 degrees or higher, so relief won't be in sight anytime soon. Anyone in need of AC repair in Austin TX needs to call soon to ensure they remain cool during the dog days of summer.

"Air Conditioning Repair Austin Texas continues to be in high demand right through October most years. Often, the air conditioning unit is needed well into November, yet homeowners put off calling for a service. They hope the temperatures will drop, allowing them to open windows and screen doors for fresh air. It's best to ensure the unit is running properly at all times as a minor repair can quickly become a major one, if not handled in a short period of time," John Stason, spokesperson for AC Repair Austin (, explains.

Common issues seen with air conditioning units range from clogged filters and blocked registers to thermostats set at the wrong temperature. Many issues may be easily handled by the homeowner, such as changing an AC filter to moving obstacles blocking normal air flow. Other problems, however, require the assistance of an HVAC specialist, and AC Repair Austin is ready to be of aid in these situations.

AC Repair Austin wants customers to be knowledgeable about their system and how it works. When a system isn't properly maintained, energy efficiency decreases significantly. Simple measures, such as changing AC filters on a monthly basis, help to prevent problems and ensure the system runs as intended at all times, Stason goes on to say. In addition, many home fires occur due to faulty HVAC systems, and proper maintenance helps to avoid these disasters.

The time may come when a new air conditioning unit is required. This may be due to the need for frequent repairs or it may be the result of a unit being installed which is not the proper size for the home. When the time comes to replace an air conditioning unit, citizens in Austin frequently turn to AC Repair Austin.

"AC Repair Austin works to diagnose the issue and present the homeowner with his or her options, based on the problems detected. Often, a good cleaning will be all that is required to ensure the system continues to operate at maximum efficiency. At other times, a repair service will be needed. Customers know AC Repair Austin provides all options, allowing consumers to make an informed choice as to which is right for their home and their situation," Stason declares.

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