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AC Repair Mesa, AZ's Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning Debunks Popular AC Myths


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- With this summer’s temperatures easily reaching over 110 degrees on some days, everyone’s worst nightmare involves something going wrong with their air conditioning system. Unfortunately, no one has the time or the resources to test different air conditioning systems in order to find one that really works.

Thankfully, there is a trusted expert with all the answers. An AC repair Mesa Arizona area company, Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning, has the solutions to this season’s air conditioning myths when it comes to keeping systems running smoothly. Since 1960, they have been reminding homeowners that having air conditioning maintenance is a must.

Many people believe that they can help their room’s air conditioner to cool several rooms by setting up a fan to blow cold air into them. However, Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning advises property owners to blow the other room’s warm air into the main room instead since an AC’s function is to remove heat.

Another myth goes like this: installing a fan on an eight-foot ceiling will keep warm air from accumulating, saving considerable energy in the winter. But, according to the Air conditioning repair Mesa company, “If you have a forced-air furnace and a well-insulated house with eight-foot ceilings, there will be little difference in air temperature from the floor to the ceiling.”

Property owners across the nation also think that buying an efficient air conditioner will automatically reduce their energy bill. The Air conditioning Mesa company’s staff acknowledges that this is partially true, but insists that homeowners won’t realize all possible savings if the AC equipment isn’t properly installed. They explain that “if typical air conditioner and duct systems are improperly installed, [it is possible to waste] one-third or more of the energy used by the air conditioner.”

In a similar vein, property owners assume that turning an AC up high will speed up the time it takes to cool down a home. Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning stresses that an AC unit will cool air at a steady rate, regardless of how low a thermostat is set.

Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning is aware of the many myths surrounding AC repairs and services, so they are inviting clients to visit their website where they can chat live with a representative to get their questions answered. The company takes care of AC and heating repairs, installations, tune-ups, and maintenance.

About Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning
Sexton Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Phoenix since 1960. For over five decades, the company has specialized in the repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of heating and air conditioning systems. They pride themselves in offering the most professional and trustworthy heating and air conditioning service to Arizona homeowners and businesses. They have, for 16 years, scored an A+ with the Better Business Bureau for their fast, honest, and dependable service. For more information, please visit: http://www.sextonheatingandac.com/.