Academy of Natural Health Sciences Announces New Online Aromatherapy Program and Courses


Woodbridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Aromatherapy is a form of alternative and holistic medical treatment that uses essential oils of various flowers and plants or even other similar aromatic compounds that can help in altering a persons cognitive functions, health and general mood. The process of treatment done by aromatherapy is influenced by the effects of aroma sensations on the brain cells, especially that which happens through the limbic system which is connected with the olfactory nerves. The other direct pharmacological effect induced by aromatherapy happens by the healing effects of the essential oils those that are extremely effective for improving certain chronic diseases.

Though aromatherapy as an alternate medical science dates as early as 1st Century when Dioscorides revealed the healing properties of such oils in his famous book “De Materia Medica” , in the later half of the 11th Century Avicenna propagated the use of aromatherapy further by isolation of the essential oils in plants and flowering trees by using steam distillation.

With the English translation of the book Aromathérapie: Les Huiles Essentielles, Hormones Végétales written by the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, aromatherapy is an extremely popular alternative medical treatment which can be learned by Online Aromatherapy Courses and Program.

A new online program at The Academy of Natural Health Sciences online is taught in eleven sections that can provide with sufficient knowledge about the subject to make one professionally capable of making proper evaluation and recommendations to clients, friends and family. The Online Aromatherapy Courses and Program works with the help of tutorials and teachers where students can coordinate with the trainers over email. During the course of study students enrolled for this training program are assessed with the testing materials which are sent for completion and are evaluated by expert aromatherapy course instructors for qualifying through the examination process.

The Online Aromatherapy Courses and Program also provides opportunities for purchasing and learning about Ready-Made Natural Cosmetics, buying Essential aromatic Oils specified for specific skins, making Aromatic Cleansing solutions, buying Aromatic Toners and Facial masks, The art of making Natural cosmetics, Creating individualized perfumes and developing natural perfume formulations, Choosing the right massage Oil, Treating Skin irritations and various diseases of the skin, Treating impoverished scalp conditions, preparing Aromatic bath recipes, preparing hair care recipes and repairing winkles by performing line treatments with the help of essential oils.

About The Clinical Aromatherapist Program at Academy of Natural Health Sciences
The Academy’s 300-Hour, Clinical Aromatherapist® (CL. A. ®), Online, Home-Study Certification Program is certified to help anyone pursuing this Online Aromatherapy Courses and Program to attain mental and spiritual balance which is also compounded with physical well being. The aromatherapy course conducted at can help to prepare oneself for embarking on a private practice with health care offices, spas and wellness centers all across the globe.

The course fee for the Online Aromatherapy Courses and Program is $ 895.00 which can even be paid in two easy installments. As a student enrolled for this unique course, students can purchase their program textbooks and Study materials (those that are not included) from the Academy for $ 98.00 or even buy recycled used materials for as low as $ 57.00.

About Academy of Natural Health
Academy of Natural Health Sciences is a New Jersey State Licensed school with approved educations program by the New Jersey Department of Education. This approval shows the competency and knowledge of the program to make them fully versed in aromatherapy.

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