Acai Berry Select Safe & Effective for Weight Loss - Get 3 Months Extra Supply


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Another latest chick on the diet block is the “Acai Berry”. Not only is it great for losing weight but it is a complete nutritional supplement. It has a wide variety of health benefits, which have made it the most popular supplement of the year.

The health potential of fresh acai berries is lost only hours after they have been picked. This posted a huge distribution problem. Also, a single bush of the acai berry produces around only 90 berries. This made the production and distribution very hard and expensive.

But manufacturers have found a way round this problem. They have found the solution to make the acai berry extract that can be stored and distributed easily.

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The acai berry diet is said to be even more efficient than fresh berries themselves. The extract contains a mix of other powerful ingredients that the body needs to function properly. This multi vitamin nutritional supplement contains a blend of natural and safe ingredients that detoxify and purify the blood and body. It rids the body of any waste and unnecessary fat.

The detoxification process makes the colon cleansed and thus makes it easier for food and water to pass through the body. For a better digestive system, this process is very important. This way, when the food will not get stored in clumps, there will be weight loss as well.

The metabolic rate has been seen to alleviate while using the extract of pure acai berry. It is a magical supplement for weight loss because it converts the food eaten into energy rather than stored fat. The result is a slimmed toned body with a lot of energy.

The acai berry select has also been proven to balance the cholesterol levels. It contains fatty acids and omega 6 and omega 9. These acids are key to a healthy heart. There is also Oleic acid present in acai berry. This fatty acid has the property to increase the good cholesterol and at the same time reduce the level of the bad cholesterol.

The acai berry has become very popular in a very short span of time. It not only helps you lose weight but can also ensure that your body feels rejuvenated and fresh. It helps take care of the cholesterol levels and increases the metabolism. These properties alone can make a huge difference in a person’s health and can add many more years to life.

About Acai Berry Select
Made from the extracts of acai fruit, the 100% natural formula Acai berry Select is a weight loss supplement which is very helpful to shed some extra pounds. Doctors are prescribing this formula to use because of its lots of health beneficial properties. The fruit Acai has been used for energy gaining purposes over years because it is the most nutritious fruit enriched with vitamin B, minerals, fiber, proteins and omega fatty acids.

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