Shares 6 Week Diary of a Consumer of Weight Loss Supplement Pure Acai Berry Max


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing reviews of various natural weight-loss supplements especially the popular Pure Acai Berry Max, has recently published a 6 week diary of a consumer who has actually used the Acai Berry supplement and recorded the results and experiences on a weekly basis.

A testing technique that has used before to offer insights to potential new customers, the 6 week diary is a straight forward analysis of a supplement and provides a review directly from a consumer’s perspective.

It seems that a ‘magic natural weight-loss supplement’ is released every next day, and the internet all of a sudden lights up with ads claiming guaranteed results and immediate effects. In order to distinguish with these marketing techniques and actual experiences the website,, started to feature the ‘6 Week Diary’ for almost every popular supplement. Concerns regarding whether 6 weeks is enough to judge a weight-loss product can be rest assured, as companies are claiming notable weight loss with a week hence 6 weeks is ample time to ensure that the products are performing as marketed.

The Pure Acai Berry Max ‘6 Week Diary’ which can now be viewed on, states that the consumer did experience reduced hunger cravings within a week and had lost 2.5lbs without changing the daily routine. Despite the curbed appetite, the overall energy was not affected which is a major concern for many individuals. With continued intake of 2 supplements every day, the consumer further witnessed constant weight loss and finally on the completion of 6 weeks a total of 9.5lbs was lost without any intensive sports exercise.

The overall experience of the Pure Acai Berry Max consumer was a positive one and without making changes to the daily routine and a consistent intake a significant weight-loss was achieved within only 6 weeks. Usually recommended with intensive exercise for best results, Pure Acai Berry Max managed to offer results with its absence which gives reason to its high demand and the massive buzz it has been creating online.

About is one of the leading websites that provides reviews of popular natural weight-loss supplements such as the Pure Acai Berry Max. Through the online platform,, the numerous reviews and direct feedbacks from consumers of the supplements can be viewed. is known for its ‘6 Weeks Diary’ which shares the experiences of a consumer of the product for complete duration of 6 weeks, offering straight-forward analysis and results through a customer that has actually used the product.

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