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China Acarbose Market 2010-2019 Investigation Report


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Diabetes is one of the most important chronic noncommunicable diseases that threaten health of people around the world. According to the statistics of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in 2013, the prevalence of diabetes among adults aged from 20 to 79 was 8.3% and the number of diabetes patients has reached 382 million in the world, 80% of which come from middle income and low income countries and the figure demonstrates a fast rising trend. The number of diabetes patients in China was estimated to be 98.4 million in 2013, ranking first in the world, followed by India (65.1 million), USA (24.4 million), Brazil (11.9 million) and Russia (10.9 million). IDF estimates that by 2035, the number of diabetes patients in China will reach 143 million, still ranking first in the world while that in America will reach 29.7 million. With the improvement of living standards and the change of life styles in China, the incidence of diabetes has kept growing and the market size of diabetes drugs has expanded each year, exceeding CNY 20 billion in 2014 according to CRI's research.

Acarbose, a kind of ?glucosidase inhibitors developed by Bayer, first came into German market in 1990 and then entered the markets of many countries after getting FDA's approval on Sep.6, 1995. Acarbose, a kind of complex carbonhydrate, is a ?glucosidase inhibitor which can competitively inhibit ?glucosidase in brush border of cells in intestinal wall and defer hydrolysis of disaccharide and polysaccharide, thus effectively reducing postprandial glycemia. Acarbose can not only reduce postprandial glycemia, fasting glucose, hemoglobin (HbA1c) significantly but also is weight neutral or leads to slight weight loss. When it is used together with sulfonylurea or insulin, the impacts of weight gain can be mitigated.

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Since Acarbose entered Chinese market in 1995, its sales have kept growing for two decades. According to CRI's market survey, its sales in 2014 was about CNY 739 million and the CAGR during the period of 20052014 was about 13.7%.

Currently, Bayer's products have taken up 70% of Acarbose market in China while and Sichuan Luye Bao Guang Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd claim the rest market share.

CRI estimates that in the next few years, as the incidence of diabetes and the number of diabetes patients keep going up in China, the market size of Acarbose will enjoy a sustained growth.

Readers can get at least the following information through this report:

-market size of Acarbose in China
-major manufacturers of Acarbose for Chinese market and their market share
-retail price of Acarose in Chinese market
-market outlook of Acarbose in China

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Table of Contents

1 Related Concepts of Acarbose
1.1 Indication
1.2 Sales Status in Global Market

2 Market Profile of Acarbose in China
2.1 Patent Status
2.2 Major Manufacturers
2.3 Market Size

3 Sales Status of Acarbose in China, 2010-2014
3.1 Sales Value
3.1.1 Overall Sales Value
3.1.2 Regional Sales Value
3.2 Sales Volume
3.2.1 Overall Sales Volume
3.2.2 Regional Sales Volume