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Accelerate 2014 Program Ready for Liftoff

Eben Pagan has released a new version of his Accelerate program for entrepreneurs looking to find rapid success in business and Jeremy Smith has published his review of the product.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- Renowned Internet marketing expert Eben Pagan is pleased to announce the release of the fully updated 2014 version of his classic Accelerate high growth business training seminar. Mr. Pagan has been providing interested parties with his exclusive online wealth building methodologies for many years and, as always, has completely revamped and updated the content and structure of his annual program so that Accelerate 2014 offers only the best and most current techniques. Jeremy Smith, an entrepreneur himself, reviews such products on their own dedicated websites, and has now launched Accelerate 2014 Review to assess the program.

While this year's full schedule for personal appearances has yet to be announced, Mr. Pagan has cleared the Silver and Gold Accelerate 2014 packages for immediate release to those parties who are anxious to update their knowledge base from the 2013 program, as well as to those who are desirous of getting a huge jump on their 2014 competitors by taking advantage of the Accelerate 2014 program contents even before an in-person or webinar session becomes available in their area.

Eben Pagans Accelerate 2014 is a proprietary business training program for those who are interested in starting their own Internet marketing operations either as a standalone company or as a complimentary division of a more traditional enterprise. With thousands of previous clients, Eben Pagan has built the most effective and far-reaching program for those who are anxious to know how to generate increased traffic and sales through their digital operations. Topics covered include but are not limited to traffic building, list construction, raising conversion rates, higher productivity, outsourcing, and much more of the critical knowledge necessary for generation of a multi-million dollar business.

Eben Pagan's Gold level Accelerate 2014 package is, of course, the top of the line entrant in the entire family of products. In it, Eben offers a complete set of all three of the 2014 training sessions being given at the 7-day Summit event. These three training sessions are available on convenient DVDs only to Gold level participants. The package also includes two reserved tickets to a 3 Day Accelerate Marketing seminar, a large selection of best-selling items from the continuing line of Accelerate training products, a well as a number of exclusive surprise bonus packages.

For those who are operating on a more limited budget, Mr. Pagan also offers a Silver level Accelerate 2014 program that features the same base grouping of the training sessions from the 7-day Summit, but only accessible through digital streaming. Two reserved tickets to the 3 Day Summit and a Silver-level package of bonus items and additional training aids is also included. The Accelerate 2014 program launches on March 24, 2014.

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Jeremy Smith is an internet entrepreneur who specializes in providing an honest opinion of quality and value, for new and upcoming entrepreneurship products. His latest review is of Accelerate 2014, a high value, high yield business growth training program. The review is available at its own dedicated website.

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