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Accelerated Business Tactics Seminar Series & Tour Schedule Announced


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Denver, Colorado’s leading business coaching service specializing in other companies’ growth in business credit, corporate identity, corporate identity repair, owner mindset management, marketing and more, ISG3 Seminar Director has today announced a new business credit development seminar - the Accelerated Business Tactics - and tour schedule.

Booking (inclusive of workbook and guides) for these seminars are available through Eventful and Eventbrite, and can only accommodate 100 attendees at any one sitting.

However, the more individualized the seminars with a maximum of 10 attendees, persons will get more personalized attention to develop their own strategy during the seminar, including post seminar telephone/video coaching.

“No other business credit building media or business credit coaching in the marketplace encompasses a complete strategy along with record keeping such as demonstrated in this seminar,” says CEO/Director Richards, who also reveals they are currently in negotiation with Costco in offering seminar ticket sales for seminars in the Atlanta area as a test run before going nationwide. ISG3 routinely uses Eventbrite as their online ticket agent.

To date, the Accelerated Business Tactics mobile seminar series have covered such areas as Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Ft Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Long Beach and Seattle.

The Iron Solutions Group, a progressive business coaching service operating out of Denver, Colorado and designed to help other companies grow and develop through business credit, corporate identity, corporate identity repair, owner mindset management, and marketing, has also reports the Accelerated Business Tactics Credit Seminars have been redefined from previous years with current industry information.

A sampling of the topics covered in depth includes:

-Company Business Structures and Legal Entities
-Credit Reporting Agencies
-The Accelerated Credit Building System
-How to Generate High Dollar Trade Lines
-Using Shelf Companies
-Using Nominee Corporate Officers
-Current Credit Vendors and Hard Money Lenders
-Bypassing Personal Bad Credit as a Business Owner
-Business Asset Protection Methods

“This seminar was designed to work with the release of our new books and journals (Accelerated Business Tactics Vol. 1: Systematic Credit Engineering ISBN-10: 149218028, Vol. 2: LLC Companion Journal, and Vol. 3: C Corporation Companion Journal)… all of which are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble,” says Richards, whose business operates under the premise of coaching to self-help for start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and existing small businesses.

The Iron Solutions Group, which started out coaching but subsequently realized the demand was far greater for their services than their staff could have ma managed, today has progressed in to the creation and publication of the most cost effective method a DIY book.

According to Richards, a consumer using the book can save thousands of dollars in credit building mistakes, costly coaching or worse being the victim of an online scam artist selling a shelf corporation with financials or a supposed aged corporation with credit lines already to go. “Many of our clients complain that they sent off $5,000 to $50,000 to have the seller disappear. For the small cost of attending a seminar prevents these costly mistakes. The entire credit development system has been tested and used to success by thousands of small business owners,” he says.

Richards has further stated his how his company has heard hundreds of complaints every week from consumers who have been deceived by non-performing online business credit building websites or those who thought they have bought aged corporations promising credit lines of $100,000 to $1,000,000 only to find they got nothing or a useless company after spending $5,000 to $50,000.

“Our seminars were designed to help you avoid being further deceived by these non-performing online business credit building websites, and start building credit for your business,” says Richards.

For further information about the Iron Solutions Group sponsored new Accelerated Business Tactics business credit development seminars and tour schedule, please contact: Iron Dane Richards, CEO/Director, Tel: 720-443-3317,

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