Accelerated Nursing Releases 2 Year Study Featuring Nursing Entrance Exams, Nursing Education


Grandville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- Following a 2 year study conducted by Accelerated Nursing Org, the founders have officially launched second version of their site featuring latest information and reviews about Nursing entrance exams, preparation, leading nursing schools, course structure at various nursing schools and a guide into Nursing as a profession. The site now also features job opportunities in Nursing across US. The site covers all associate, bachelor and master degrees.

In an interview with the founders, former nursing professional themselves opined that most of young job-seekers are not aware of opportunities with Nursing as a profession. And those who are aware find it hard to make decisions about preparation, schools and nursing as a career. They add that with the second version of Accelerated Nursing Programs the company will bridge the gap. “We conceptualized the idea of the venture when we were student-nurses at Colorado Technical University. Most of our colleagues, coming from different backgrounds agreed on lack of information about nursing programs in the job market, despite the job opportunities it presented, particularly about various specialties under Nursing. With our experience, we decided to start an online, far-reaching platform. We released the beta version of the site and undertook the study to better understand the profession. The goal of the study was gather information which will help the students in making better decisions, thus the name Accelerated Nursing” David Krug shared when asked about the background of the company and study.

Mr Krug summarized the study as “With our latest study over the time span of 2 years, we covered leading nursing schools and further explored in depth nursing as a profession. As recognized by the industry, we have come with some of the most comprehensive content available over internet for students who are either deciding on Nursing as a career or those who are looking to choose a profession.”

The study will be also presented at annual conference of Institute of Nursing. Market analyst Amy Roberts opined “With the increase in expectancy, the baby boomer generation has widened the opportunities in Nursing as a career but a one-stop source of information for aspiring students had been lacking till now. The success of Accelerated Nursing Schools, partners of Accelerated Nursing will depend on how they are bridge this information gap. The study is the first step in this regard.”

This launch of the latest version of the site also saw interactive forum feature where professional career counselors help students with queries regarding Nursing as a career. The forum is gaining steady user-base with most users coming from social media channels.

About Accelerated Nursing
Accelerated Nursing a Michigan, US based company, in education space. Their core service is information and reviews about leading Nursing programs across America. The company was started in 2011 by founders with extensive experience in Nursing as a profession and entrance exam system for getting into nursing schools.

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