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Accelerated Waste Announces Discounts on Its Junk Removal Services


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Removal of one's household and commercial waste in Tampa has become a major concern these days, thus increasing the demand for services of junk hauling & removal in Tampa. Taking this into account, Accelerated Waste Solutions, a waste removal and recycling firm, recently announced a discount on its junk removal services. Accelerated Waste Solutions can haul away one's old furniture and other types of junk from one's home or place of business.

Waste occurs in different forms, including solid, liquid and gas. All the forms are dangerous and cause various health troubles. The professionals of the company are familiar with the methods of treating different kinds of waste products that otherwise can be very difficult to handle. Professional companies such as Accelerated Waste Solutions are familiar with the methods of treating different kinds of waste products that can otherwise be very dangerous for homeowners to handle. They also provide valet trash service which are Apartment DoorStep Waste Removal Programs that provide equal benefit to multi-family ownership or apartment management. As a quality of life enhancing service amenity, they gather trash and/or recyclables five times a week from one’s doorstep and take it to the on-site disposal containers.

This waste removal firm also provides a complete junk hauling service in Tampa at the lowest prices. They specialize in hauling junk and can clean out a whole garage, or haul away single items. No job is too big or too small for them and they treat every customer equally. One can enjoy peace of mind knowing the junk will be handled and disposed of responsibly by their bulk trash pickup Tampa. Junk hauling services in Tampa will reach the customer promptly as Tampa junk removers are ready whenever they are needed.

About Accelerated Waste Solutions
Accelerated Waste Solutions provides efficient waste removal services to commercial and residential areas. They offer Junk Hauling and Bulk Item Removal Services to apartment and condominium communities as well as residential and commercial entities. We also offer professional Property Preservation services to asset managers, lenders, banks, insurance companies, property owners and investors, and the realtor community. To know more log on to www.acceleratedwaste.com.