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Accent Invest Real Estate Helps Consumers Find Cheap Houses in Bulgaria


Varna, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- Consumers who are looking for cheap houses in Bulgaria are encouraged to visit the Accent Invest real estate website. The website offers hundreds of properties which are for sale in Bulgaria. The company provides single family homes, apartments and commercial real estate properties such as warehouses and office buildings.

Bulgaria has been in existence for thousands of years. In fact, around 5,000 BC a very strong and sophisticated civilization already inhabited the area and they produced some of the first pottery and jewelry in the world. The pottery and jewelry helped the people of Bulgaria develop trade and actually put the area on the map. Hundreds of travellers and people looking for new and exciting lands found Bulgaria and decided to make it home.

A little known historical fact about Bulgaria is that in the 11th century the first Bulgarian empire totally collapsed under surprise Rus' and Byzantine attacks. After the Rus' and Byzantine attacks Bulgaria instantly became a small part of the Byzantine Empire until late in 1185

“I live in America but I have family that still lives in Bulgaria so I visit every couple of years. It is a very beautiful place and some of the small sea side villages and towns are exceptionally beautiful. I highly recommend it as a place to take a vacation as the people are nice and they don’t care where you come from as long as you carry yourself well.” Tony J.

Bulgarian property isn’t very expensive and an American that earns a monthly salary of about $1000 will be able live very comfortably. Bulgaria is home to many small seaside villages all of which have been inhabited by the same families for hundreds of years.

Consumers who are interested in purchasing property in Bulgaria have several options one of which is the popular Accent Invest real estate company at http://www.accentinvest.com. The company’s website offers property for sale along information about the Bulgarian people and government.

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