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Accept Strikes Teutonic Terror in Seoul, South Korea

Metal music icon, Accept played at The Rolling Hall on the night of Saturday, November 24th, in Seoul, South Korea leaving an unforgettable experience for the crowd present.


Seoul, South Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Metal music icon, Accept played at The Rolling Hall on the night of Saturday, November 24th, in Seoul, South Korea leaving an unforgettable experience for the crowd present. The German band has recently released new material, “Stalingrad” in April before embarking on their world tour. They have been around for about 30 years and have proven to have stood the test of time when they made their return with Blood of the Nations in 2010, topping metal charts all over the world.

Excitement filled the air as throngs of fans swiftly filled up the Rolling Hall in Hongdae, despite the fact that it was still 30 minutes away from show time. South Korean power metal band, Silent Eye was the opening performance for the show, showcasing their hit songs, one of which including “Love is dead,” which delivered dark contradictions in their lyrics, falling in perfect harmony with their dramatic music. By the end of Silent Eye’s performance, the crowd was won over, and chanted Silent Eye’s and Accept’s name over and over again.

Deafening screams came from the jam-packed crowd when Accept appeared and rocked out their first song “Hung, drawn and quartered” from their new album titled Stalingrad. Accept lit the site on fire with their cocky, confident and engaging performance. The whole stage experience and eagerness to entertain was a refreshing wind from the past, igniting the set with high energy heavy metal that we know Accept for. The band took the audience like the rock stars they are. They were enjoying themselves on stage and the audience prized that.

It is Accept’s first show in Korea, and they launched into a 22-song show, which saw them belting out many songs from their other albums as well, such as their hit song “Metal Heart,” “Losers and Winners” and “Pandemic.” It did not present a lot of surprises, beginning with material from “Stalingrad” and relying mostly on the older material towards the end. The fans were swooned, punching their fists into the air and was singing along to set ending “Balls to the Wall”.

Although Accept had been on a long hiatus, they proved that they are not to be rifled with when Mark joined and ignited a new start for the band. The members kept the crowd high throughout the two-hour concert with their winning sense of charm and humor and passion. Mark excited the Korean fans in between songs by greeting them and saying, “It’s our first time in Korea but it will not be the last!” Fans were thrilled by the interaction and attention given by the band. After the show, the fans exclaimed that, “This was a not just a show but it was one of the best metal concerts ever! They really showed us that the spirit of metal is not dead!”

In an exclusive interview before the show with global music social media service, PopKorn music, Accept mentioned that even though it was their first time in Korea, they were thrilled by the warmth of the people and loved the food here. When asked about why Accept members did not form other bands, Wolf mentioned that it would be strange to be in a new band and “would be forced to play Accept’s cover songs and also be a competition to Accept”. He also mentioned that the Stalingrad tour will be really exciting as half the set is made of new material.

Accept’s Stalingrad World Tour started in United States and continued in Canada and Europe before making their way to Korea and finally concluding in Japan.

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