Perfx Health, Inc. Launches New Alternative for Patients to Access Online Health Care is excited and proud to unveil the nation’s most revolutionary medical care for patients in every part of the country that enables them to access online health care without leaving the comfort of home


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2015 -- The shortage of physicians in the U.S. is becoming a major problem, with the situation only expected to escalate as the population expands. Because of this shortage, many patients are forced to seek emergency medical treatment at hospitals and urgent care facilities, driving up the cost of insurance premiums. not only saves insurance companies and business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, but enables patients in any part of the country access to online health care and the ability to consult with a team of health care professionals who are available 7 days per week via phone or internet for medical advice, laboratory testing, prescriptions or referrals. is a company that considers the care they provide a partnership with their patients, insurance companies and businesses. They understand the business aspect of offering health insurance and its associated cost. Not only will this revolutionary new service enable patients to access online healthcare and online medical advice, but it helps businesses reduce their insurance costs and increase their productivity by enabling their employees to receive medical care without costly and time consuming doctor office visits.

Adhering to the Obama Care Initiative by partnering with Telemedicine, may possibly be the only full service telemedicine and health insurance alternative platform currently available in the U.S. In full compliance of all HIPAA regulations and guidelines, all patient information is securely housed in their secure, online medical records charting system, enabling the subscriber and patient to easily reference the recommendations.

About is comprised of a team of USA licensed doctors and was created to offer healthcare alternatives to patients and companies alike, offering patients access to online healthcare by providing unlimited doctor consultations, fielding questions from patients and subscribers, ordering laboratory testing and dispensing prescription medications. For added convenience, by partnering with Walmart and Target, patients can easily and effortlessly receive their prescription medications, that include free shipping, directly to their home or office for immediate use. enables patients in even the most remote regions of the country to access online healthcare by simply logging onto the website to schedule either a telephone or internet consultation, usually within 60 minutes of the request. The physicians are prepared to handle a host of medical issues, including:

Cardiovascular concerns;
Chronic disease, including kidney disease, Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases;
Diet and nutrition;
Digestive symptoms including constipation, colitis, stomach ulcer, stomach pain, GERD, etc.;
Environmental Health;
Fatigue and stress;
Hormones and metabolism;
Mood and Memory;
Sexual health;
Male Health;
Women's Health;
Weight management

Telemedicine must be at the forefront of care if the growth of the country's population and lack of doctors, as well as rising healthcare and insurance costs, will converge in order to find an alternative, more affordable and more convenient method for medical treatment.

For immediate healthcare needs, log onto or call the company for direct and immediate access to online healthcare.