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New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- If your little girl is getting bored staying home, introduce her into the world of video games, and she would turn as busy as you are in no time. Isn’t it amazing that games are being designed for the girls too? The girls, now, would no longer have to bore themselves with the strategy games. Instead, they can choose for themselves the games that match their taste. Girls Games Fab has uniquely designed the free online girls’ games so as to thrill the girls.

There are myriads of free online girls’ games that you can access on Girls Games Fab. Spongebob’s Mission is a thrilling game for the young girls who are more inclined to the adventures games. The game requires Spongebob to collect all the fruits and the key so as to qualify for the next level. Helping Spongebob gather the fruits and key can be really exciting! For the girls who have a taste for fashion designing, they can go with the Barbie games. These games let you try a variety of new styles from dressing the girls up in fashionable clothes to styling them with perfect accessories. The games help out a lot in building up a sense of fashion. The games allow the players to choose new hair styles and nail designs for the models too, where they can create a complete makeover of the models.

There are more of the adventurous games with soft and romantic side to them. For example, the Lonely Penguin requires helping the penguin to reach his partner after having crushed all the barriers and obstructions. Feed Wild Games is again an innovative and educative game as the little players can learn more about the eating habits of the animals while playing the game, which, in turn, serve to enhance their general knowledge. With the Alphabet Stacker, the dull way of educating the children on alphabets can be done with as the game would need sticking the alphabets on the areas provided.

Among the Barbie games, you get a vast variety. In Barbie Goes Shopping Dress, the player can take her Barbie for shopping where she can make her Barbie pick up fashionable dresses and accessories. There the Barbie can undergo different hair styles and put on sparkling necklaces and earrings. There are a number of other exciting Barbie Games in Girls Games Fab that include Barbie and Ken Wedding, Barbie Summer Go out, Barbie Goes Swimming, and Barbie Dress Up.

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For amazing girls’ free online games, just visit Girls Games Fab, where you get a whole world of girls games for free. The games exhibit a great variety. The young girls can choose the games according to their taste. While there are games that take adventure as their theme, there are games too that dwell on the theme of fashion, the favourite with most of the girls. The players can master adventure in helping Spongebob collect the fruits and the key, while they can even create fashion icons of their own by dressing their Barbie up in fashionable clothes and accessories.