PR Agency Access Panel Facilitates Easy Access to Plumbing and Electrical Elements Sans Damages


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2016 --, a leading manufacturer of access panels for residential and commercial buildings, also takes pride in being one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of drywall access panels from China. The Drywall access panel, which the company manufactures and sells both in domestic and overseas markets, serves as an emergency access door in roofs and walls that are made of plaster or wood pulp.

"Most residential walls are by drywalls and for inserting plumbing or electrical equipment and elements inside a wall, the electrician and plumber have to drill into the wall for installing new elements or for repairing and regular maintenance. Unfortunately, the new opening makes the indoor space vulnerable to heat gain and various outdoor elements just because the wall's seal is broken", said an insider from

"The drywall ceiling access panel which we offer can be a definitive solution to this problem, as it restores the seal perfectly while ensuring seamless access to the space behind the wall. Also, the original appearance of the wall is not tarnished since we use a very sophisticated technology thoroughly tested for creating these access panels", added the executive.

The executive, however, recommended that a drywall access panel is best installed during the construction of a building. He maintained that they use only 1mm aluminum panel along with galvanized steel plate for making these access doors.

"These doors have high resistance to moisture as well as mildew. Utility boxes and crawl spaces are the most common applications of these access panels. We have used electrostatic spraying as the surface treatment method. If a prospective buyer is interested in seeing and checking a sample of Drywall access panel, we can provide it for free, although the buyer has to pay the freight charges that may apply", told the CEO and managing director of JiGu Hardware Machinery Co. Ltd, the Chinese company which owns the e-store since 2009.

The CEO and managing director also informed the press that they are keen to increase exports and for that reason, they stress on quality control like nothing else.

About is the e-store of JiGu Hardware Machinery Co. Ltd, a featured seller of access panels on alibaba.

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